IU Office of Sustainability Offers Paid Internships for 2015-16 Academic Year

The IU Office of Sustainability is now taking applications for 10 paid sustainability internships.  The internships are available from October 2015  to May 2016.  Students should I apply now!  For more details see:


Apply to study abroad in Canterbury, England for the Spring 2016 term!

Kent flyer

The University of Kent is situated about one hour southeast of London in the midst of a famous cathedral city and picturesque villages. You’ll be directly enrolled at the University of Kent taking courses with British and other international students and earn direct IU credit towards your major, minor and general education requirements. There are a variety of on-campus housing options and there are program-specific scholarships available.

For more information about the types of courses available in your major area, please see the University of Kent course catalog:


For more information on the program, please see our web site. The application deadline to apply for Spring 2016 is Monday, September 14th. You can apply for the program directly on our program page above under the “Apply” tab.

Want to know more about the program? There will also be an information session for the Canterbury program with visiting students from the University of Kent.


When: Wednesday, September 2nd at 4 pm

Where: Leo R. Dowling International Center, 111 S. Jordan Ave. Room 106.

If you have any questions on the program, please contact Kyle Hayes at kyghayes@iu.edu.

IU Bloomington Actuary Club Call-Out meeting: Wednesday, September 2nd, at 6:00 pm in Ballantine Hall 331

The call-out meeting for the Actuarial club will be on September 2nd, Wednesday, at 6:00 pm in Ballantine Hall 331. Our club officers will have a presentation of our club and actuarial industry, especially some important and special events of 2015-2016 academic year. Later, there will be a Q&A session.

The call-out meeting is open to every IU student.

Before you are heading to our meeting, you may have some questions about actuarial industry and actuarial club. Here are 3 questions that can give you some good answers:

*Q1: What is an Actuary?*

Ans: Actuaries use mathematics to determine the financial effect that uncertain future events such as birth, death, retirement, fire, earthquake, accident, and sickness have on insurance and other benefit plans.

*Q2: Why become an Actuary?*

Ans: The Actuarial profession is consistently ranked among the Top 10 Best Jobs <http://www.careercast.com/jobs-rated/10-best-jobs-2011> by CareerCast.

*Q3: What is Actuarial Club at Indiana University?*

Ans: The Actuary Club at Indiana University was created with the purpose of promoting awareness of Actuarial Science, preparing students for actuarial exams, providing students with resources and opportunities to advance in the actuarial profession, and abiding by mathematical social service.

If you want to know more about actuarial industry and actuarial club, come to our call-out meeting. We will also be at Math call-out meeting:

Tuesday Sept 1 7:00-9:00 PM Swain East 140. You can come and talk with us.

If for any reason you will not be able to make it to the call-out meeting, any information handed out or discussed will be posted to the ACIU dropbox (go to our website www.indiana.edu/~actuaria/ <http://www.indiana.edu/%7Eactuaria/>,you can find the link under resources) after the meeting is over.

We would really like to see the club grow so please encourage any of your friends that might be interested to come check us out. We will also be having free pizza and pop so come hungry!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact myself, Cheng Shi at shi4@indiana.edu <mailto:shi4@indiana.edu>, or either of our other officers, Vice-President Jake Riedford at briedfor@indiana.edu <mailto:briedfor@indiana.edu>, or Vice-President Alexander Dewhirst at abdewhir@indiana.edu <mailto:abdewhir@indiana.edu>. Don’t forger to like our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/IndianaUniversityActuaryClub.

I look forward to seeing everyone on call-out meeting!

All the best,

Cheng Shi

President| Actuary Club

Indiana University


Math Contest in Modeling: Fall “training course” Math-M 295

Math Contest in Modeling: Fall “training course” Math-M 295

Building on student leadership and enthusiasm, we will run a “training course” for the Math Contest in Modeling (MCM). The MCM, sponsored by the Consortium for Math and its Applications, takes place the first weekend in February, and draws thousands of teams from colleges across the world. Students use the math they know to solve a very open-ended problem.

Our plan is to hire a graduate student to mentor evening training sessions once per week; students will work in teams for 10 weeks, write up 2 formal reports based on old MCM problems, and receive feedback from the graduate student.   Hopefully, this will translate into a stronger team for the February contest.

This is a great way to gain research experience & beef up your resume.

Interested students should email me at pilgrim@indiana.edu , with the subject “MCM”.

Want to pursue a second major, second degree, or minor in MATH? Go to the September 1 Call-out Meeting

Math call-out meeting: Tue Sept 1 7:00-9:00 PM Swain East 140

Mark your calendars for the second annual Math Call-out Meeting! After a brief 20-minute presentation from the DUS, there will be lots of time for mingling, meeting student club (Actuary, AWM, Math Club) representatives, etc.

Please share this with your friends, roommates, … anyone curious about math!